Ch 02 Linux file system

Linux is based on unix that’s why every  thing is file. 

Linux Partition Table *

* In some Linux distro has some additional folder above is typical folder structure of Linux OS.

/boot  : booting files (only CHS value ) boot.b There is one grub

file booting file copy will be stored in grub also that is grub.conf

(Strings boot.b ) To open character to ASCII.

/etc   : all configuration stored in /etc including network service file.

/root  : Home directory for Administrator user.(ROOT User)

/home  : normal user home directory.

/var   : Stores Variable data example : dhcp lease file, DNS entry

/sbin  : administrator command stored in This Directory.

/bin   : Commands for System To work (for non-root user)

/lib   : Kernels modules.   (like dll ) cd /lib/modules/2.6.9-11el/kernels/drivers  (device Drivers)

/opt    : add on application (extra software like webmin,Yahoo messenger.)

/dev    : all device are stored as file there are 2 type of device  Block (like : 1- HDD 2- character (like :Printer ,Mouse)

/mnt    : To mount any file system (for mounting other file system)

/media  : Default mount point ( C.D.Rom ,floopy)

/proc   : Real time kernel information Like : how many memory use, how many programs / process  are running.

/lost+Found  : in every partition (if linux is not shutdown properly Fsck command will run if any bad sector found  then it will put that in Lost + Found folder.

/usr    : Documents and man command are stored in usr.

BIN  : binary

SBIN : super binary