Ch 09 Linux Rescue and Single User Troubleshooting

# if you find kernel panic error due to misconfiguration follow below steps.

In case of any misconfiguration in grub.conf start your system in Single USER

How to start single user?

Press “E” for edit in first grub screen after POST.

Make change in to booting line

Put “single” in spite of “RO”

Press “B” for boot the system it will drop you in Root shell, update the config file with correct options and reboot the machine or start another init.

IF the error in /etc/fstab error will be

Type Control + D to continue…

To solve that error use linux rescue with first boot CD

After booting and initiating rescue command  we need to mount hdd in any test folder.


#chroot /mnt/sysimage


Know the mount label

#e2lable /dev/had?  (of hda of root partition. Let say it is 2.

#mkdir test

#mount /dev/hda2 test

then edit the file which ever you require in default state.

# vi test/etc/fstab

# vi test/etc/passwd  Extra first put directory name before path.

How to know in  which run level you are?

#run level

#tty  (To know in which terminal you are?)