Windows to Linux & Linux to Windows sharing.

rpm –qa samba

rpm –qa samba-common

rpm –qa samba-client

# vi /etc/samba/smb.conf

:se nu ( to find line no)

Line 26 workgroup = workgroup

Line 41 Hostallows = IP ( address of machine) or range

 [my share]

 comment = samba

 path    = /home/India

 public  = yes

 writable = yes

 browsable= yes

 printable = NO

 create mask = 0765

# service smb restart

# adduser India

#smbpasswd – a India

put passwd

To give particular Read, write and execute rights.

#chmod  777 /home/India/directory

( TO give read write and execute to all sub directory)

#chmod +R 777 /directory path

( to smb store for encrypted password for sambauser)

# /etc/samba/smbpasswd

 (to enable samba user)

#smbpasswd –e India

(Reading the kernel about Samba Changes) 


Adding more User:

# useradd newusername

# passwd newusername

# smbpasswd newusername

# smbpasswd –e newusername

# smbpasswd –d newusername

# service smb start|stop|restart

Mount Windows partition in Linux via Network

# mount –t cifs –o username=administrator,passwd=password // /mnt/samba_mount

#Add this line in /etc/rc.local to mount on every reboot.

#smbclient –L –U username (to know what are the shared folder)

(for permanent Mounting also we can add in /etc/fstab)

 #  /mnt  cifs   username=ram      0  0

* IP has to be as per your Environment.