Ch 06 Disk Partitioning


#fdisk –l

(to know which HDD installed)

(/dev/hda-------> IDE)

(/dev/sda-------> Sata/scsi)

#fdisk /dev/hda

m for hep

a -> toggle a bootable flag

b -> edit bsd disk label

c -> toggle the dos compatibility flag

d -> delete a partition

l -> list known partition type (l for landon)

m -> print this menu

n -> add a new partition

o -> create a new empty dos partition table (o for orange)

p -> print the partition table

q -> quit without saving changes

s -> create new empty sun disk label

t -> change a partition’s system ID

u -> change display entry units

v -> verify the partition table

w -> write table to disk and exit

x -> extra function (expert only)


(Read partition table to kernel )

Create Partition Check list

create the partition

Format with ext3


Define mount point

Add partition entry to /etc/fstab

#fdisk /dev/hda



size (+200MB) (“ + to add space and – for deduct space”)


#init 6 or parprobe

#mkfs.ext3 /dev/hda?  (? Find from fdisk –l new partition NO)

(Format partition )


#mkfs –t ext3 /dev/hda?

#cat /proc/partition (to check partition )